The Community Job Placement Program is designed to assess, evaluate and train individuals to obtain and maintain competitive employment. 

     An on-the-job evaluation (O.J.E) is provided to determine a good job/worker match.  During the O.J.E. the first 60 hours of wages are paid, Vocational Strategies, Inc. (V.S.I) is the employer of record and coaching services are provided as necessary. 

Work Experience

Work experience provides an on-the job training (O.J.T.) at a variety of local businesses.  Training is designed in 2 hour blocks of time and for a period of 6 weeks.  Movement every 6 weeks assists individuals in making informed choices, when they are ready for competitive employment. 

During the work experience phase of the program, there are no expectations for employment positions.  This hands-on experience is an opportunity to determine an individualís strengths and weaknesses.  Work experience is an integral component for community placement.  During this time individuals are assessed and evaluated to determine their potential and interests for competitive employment. 

Employer Comments:

The Community Job Placement Program has brought to my restaurant employees who may not have applied without this program.  The supervisors and coaches do an outstanding job in making everyone comfortable in the working environment.

 Randy Pfab, Operator
                                       Perkins Family Restaurant
Houghton, Michigan
  Our experience with the Job Placement Program has been very positive and enlightening.  We find the workers dependable and hard working.  I feel the program is very much needed in this area.
 Ed Jenich
Director of Nutrition Services
Portage Health System
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