Description - Vocational training aims to develop the personís work behaviors and skills. 
                          These behaviors and skills will enable the individual to move into more 
                          advanced work programs. 

                          With this training, the person with disabilities may secure a permanent job 
                          in the community.  While in the program, participants are provided with 
                          opportunities to perform a variety of tasks for  which they can earn a pay 
                          check.  Also provided are opportunities for personal growth in areas such 
                          as socialization, communication and activities of daily living.  Community 
                          integration is supported and encouraged. 

Referrals - The Community Mental Health Agency refers individuals and provides 
                      sponsorship to the program. 
Needs Served - The program promotes independence in the personís life.  Participants 
                              learn to overcome problems resulting from the lack of work skills, 
                             daily living skills and socialization skills. 

                             Skilled workers are available for job contracts and under VSI supervision, 
                            dependable workers per form a variety of tasks, e.g.: 

  •  Janitorial contracts within the community.
  • Collating, labeling, simple assembly, and bulk mailing jobs for businesses.
  • Development of  marketable craft products.
  • Promotional buttons for organizations.
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