The Pasty Cam Millennium Calendar 
Calumet, Michigan 
December, 1999
Have you ever heard how Pasty Central began?  In 1995 - with shots of the US-41 Snow Thermometer - Still Waters Community Elders Home went on the web, hoping to meet new friends, share the beauty of the Keweenaw, and explore much-needed additional funding for this non-profit Home.  In '96, photos of our residents' activities included "Pasty Day"... and several web friends suggested that we make those delicious pasties available for home delivery.  Some 31,000+ pasties later, we continue to meet new friends, and provide the best U.P. style, USDA approved pasties available anywhere.

Along the way other features were born - the Golden Pasty Award, "Past-E-Mail" and the daily Pasty Cam.  I suppose it was inevitable that we make a calendar including some of our visitors' favorite scenes from the cam Archives.

The Pasty Cam Millennium Calendar has truly been a labor of love.  A joint project of our residents, staff, and viewers, the calendar includes 14 beautiful full color Keweenaw shots in a handy pocket sized format (5.5" x 4.25" folded).  Hangs nicely on the refrigerator, too.

How do you put a price tag on a labor of love?  You could consider the set-up and printing cost (approx $5 each), or how much comparable scenic calendars go for ($5 - ??), or the fact that it's one of a kind ($priceless?)

You are welcome to purchase as many of the Pasty Cam calendars as you like, for $5 each plus $1 s/h.  But we are also sending the calendar as a "Thank You" to the many friends who are helping us in our current building project.  Almost two decades old, our facility has finally been refurbished this fall.  New roof, siding, and windows have been made possible by a large loan from Rural Development.

...a loan we'll have to repay, of course.

Gift to Still Waters are tax deductible (in excess of items received).  And gifts of any size are appreciated.  Donations submitted (or postmarked) before midnight, December 31 will be receipted in the 1999 tax year.  Credit card or checks are ok (see secure link below).

You can designate where you would like the Pasty Cam 2000 Calendar sent - whether to yourself or a friend.  A gift note will simply say, "A donation has been received to help refurbish  Still Waters Assisted Living in Calumet, a Michigan non-profit organization".

Secure Form, Building Project Donations
w/Pasty Cam 2000 Thank You

Thank you for your consideration in helping with this project, and remember the calendars can also be purchased over in the Pasty Central GiftNook, along with some other interesting gifts.

What will the new millennium bring?  Here at Pasty Central we hope to keep on providing you "The Best of the U.P." each day on the Pasty Cam and other features.  If you're in our neck of the woods next summer (or this winter on your snowmobile), stop in and say hello at 600 East Elm Street.  There's always room for another new friend.

Best Regards from the Copper Country,
Charlie Hopper
Still Waters Assisted Living Community
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